Should Men and Women Workout Differently?

I think it’s important women lift each other up and this chick rocks hard. . . .seriously!

Muffin Topless

I can’t help but notice when I enter the gym, that the cardio section is primarily filled with women, and the men occupy the majority of the weight room. From the outside looking in, it may seem as though there is a fundamental difference in the way men and women should be training. This; however, is not the case. When it comes to cardiovascular exercise or strength training, both men and women can benefit substantially. According to certified personal trainer, Danielle Vindez, “Training, no matter the sex, has to do with the goal and present physical condition.”


Spencer Neveux Fitness & Nutrition www.spencerneveuxfitness.comMany women believe the myth that lifting heavy weights will result in a “bulky” or “manly” appearance.  The truth is, women do not have the levels of testosterone men do, and thus cannot “bulk up” without the help of steroids and years of serious dedication.  This fundamental difference in hormones makes it…

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