My fire

First off, let me lead with the obvious, I’ve not written a post for a while and while I realize that makes me a negligent blogger, life sometimes gets in the way of the things we love. And although, this blog is mostly dedicated to living a healthy lifestyle, I cannot do that without putting pen to paper, or fingers to keyboard. Of course, I also should admit, if you didn’t know it already: I love to write; this is not because I like to write about myself or I am an over sharer, but merely because it’s my fire.

Today, I was thinking about this on my drive home and how I should’ve perhaps pursued a career in journalism, or better yet  travel or food journalism and combine two passions. Anthony Bourdain has this dialed in; however, I would have to gag down some rather questionable food, and perhaps even more daunting is traveling to Libya or the Congo. I could still write a book, God knows I have a few unfinished manuscripts on my hard drive. I could write for one of the animal activists groups like ASPCA. There are still any number of things I could or may still do.

However, what’s most important is keeping that flame alive. I write every opportunity I get. I can write a Yelp review of epic proportions and why not? I mean if I’m thinking about trying out a new hot spot or buying a product I want to hear the details, and the more specific and lurid the better. If someone cannot deliver that then I may not trust their review. I hate to be an English snob, but we have been given this gift of language which we can use to describe the depth of beauty in this world or lack thereof. Unfortunately, what I have witnessed  on various social network sites. . . . Warning: rant coming. . . .is mortifying. I have a name for it language poverty, and it’s not merely the young and naive that possess this malady. I truly understand economy of language in texting or perhaps even Facebook, but then you risk people misunderstanding you. I often want to respond ” huh?”

I think writing, one of the single most important inter-disciplinary skills is downplayed in school-yeah not on my watch, but nevertheless, we are producing a citizenry of people who lack the skill to communicate effectively. Imagine a modern day Babylonia, where everyone is talking/writing– as a first world country, and yet no one understands one another,  yeah hyperbolic I know, but at the very least, find the skills to render yourself understood. Rant complete. Secondly, if you are not pursuing your passion, you know that fire that burns within you, I’m not going to be cliche and comment on how you should do what you love for a living and you won’t work a day in your life, blah, blah, blah, but find ways to incorporate it into your daily life, because that’s what makes even the simplest things like eating and then reviewing your favourite dessert spot a life worth living.


2 thoughts on “My fire

  1. Girl, rant on! I am amazed at most of the papers that hubby brings home from the college… They make me say “huh?” too. So sad. Keep fighting the good fight!

    And good for you for doing a blog post. I’m totally in a slump right now. :/

    • I’m glad someone gets me, because I don’t know if Heather will agree with me at the college level, but there seems to be so little emphasis put on English at the HS level or at least students seem to think chemistry and calc are so much more worthy of their time. Then I see these posts(by college educated adults) that are incoherent, and I hate again to be the uptight English snob, but my God could you be bothered to communicate effectively. . . .uh-oh I ranted again, lol

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