My hobbies are pretty varied, one of them being writing, which I’ve not had a real outlet(for a while) other than feedback on student papers and that doesn’t count. I’ve also found writing in social media rather limiting and frustrating. I’m hoping to connect with some like minded individuals and maybe learn a thing or two and share what I’ve learned too.

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It’s no secret to those who know  me that I love animals, dogs in particular and we have six of them–we would have more if we had acreage in the country. I will share my tips and tricks on navigating a multi-dog home, and no I’m no dog whisperer, Victoria Stillwell would probably turn heel and run the other direction if faced with my brood, but I’ve learned a thing or two along the way. Half of ours are rescues and we’ve taken the pledge to adopt hereafter, so you may see on occasion a rant against the neglect or abuse of animals, and while I will try to keep those at a minimum, I can’t make any promises.

My other love or addiction, hence the name of the blog, is crack, I mean ummmm err, sugar—I love desserts, I love baking desserts and eating them. I admit I have no self control, but I did realize I have a problem–step one in a twelve step program right? So I have found some ways to curb that addiction by baking with healthier ingredients like coconut palm sugar. On ocassion you will see the decadent dessert, but I’m working on trying to make traditional favorites healthier. My mantra with baking is to buy the best quality ingredients you can afford and to invest in a repertoire of tools, to expand your baking skills–if you’re into that kind of thing.

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A couple years ago I watched Food Inc., and shortly thereafter I read  Michael Pollan’s, The Omnivore’s  Dilemma, and I’ve spent a lot of time processing that information. Now there’s lots of research to indicate that processed food, harmful GMOs, and refined carbs are harmful to our health. In response, I’ve taken a vow to do my best to eat clean including ethically responsible eating. On ocassion I will write about my findings or relay information I’ve found from some of my favourite  blogs. I know I can do a lot more towards this goal, and hope I can find motivation and inspiration along the way.

I’ve always combatted my sugar addiction with cardio–namely running, but a few years back I ran into–pun intended, issues with my IT band and found I could no longer really run long distances anymore at least not without pain. This really was a blessing in disguise, because it forced me to find alternatives and when cardio stopped being effective–read–bad eating habits and cardio only=plateau, I picked up the weights and a P90x box, and that’s where the love affair began. Since then I’ve changed my eating habits and invade the testosteroned filled weight section regularly at the gym and changed the way I  look at workouts forever. As a reformed cardio bunny I would like to share my tips and tricks on lifting and how to get on the road to a healthy lifestyle.  I’m not a dietitiian or personal trainer, but I have a wealth of experience in this area.



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