Invaluable Lesson


I’m confessing to something here and now, kind of like a disclosure statement, in advance in the event I’m tried in the court of public opinion, my dogs are a band of terrorists, and dogs like humans when in large groups take on the mentality of the majority, the mob and my mob of six+one ( we have my daughter’s dog for the weekend) decided to terrorize our singular cat who happens to like to hide behind the trash can under the kitchen sink while we were out to dinner. I think you can see where this is headed.

Now this is really nothing new, the cat mews to get their attention (he’s bored; he’s a singular cat in a multi-dog household) and the dogs give chase. We yell at them and they eventually stop, but it truly is a game of cat and mouse or ummmm, cat and dog. They’ve never hurt him, but our big dog is 80 lbs, with a booming bark and a vicious growl, but he’s pretty much all bark, no bite, unless he really feels threatened. The rest of our little gang members, that’s what my in laws lovingly call them,  are under 15 pounds and Konan, the big boy  has  been nothing but patient and gentle with them, so I have no reason to believe he’d hurt our other animals, but don’t want to tempt fate.


So now that you have the back story, I will proceed to tell you about the cluster f—- we came home to. As we crossed the threshold into the interior of the house we noticed a singular hamburger meat outer wrapper and that was a telltale sign that the dogs had been up to no good whilst we were away. We followed the trail of crumbs and empty wrappers into the kitchen where it had appeared that all hell had broken loose and exploded onto my kitchen floor. The trash can overturned and filthy garbage (save for the cat, I’d have snapped a picture) everywhere, and the poor traumatized cat, Tigger, panting , wet, hung up on the pipes( which was loosed and leaking)  and of course covered in his own pee and poop. We were terrified that the dogs might have bit him, but no signs of blood, just a hell of a lot of emotional trauma. The dogs were thrown outside and Tigger rescued and eventually bathed, this way we could also check for injuries, but none thankfully.


We made quick work and cleaned up, while the dogs remained on time out, outdoors. We finally let them in and not a peep out of them for the rest of the night. So either they were exhausted from their terrorist activity, or they knew they were in trouble. Living in a multi- pet home can be a challenge, and of course it’s mostly fun and entertaining, and can also be time consuming. Our animals teach us things and last night Konan taught us that he needs to be outside when we’re away. He just gets way too excited when he’s egged on by  the others.  Secondly, the cat can mew to lure them, but if they even look his way they will be corrected. I know it’s not positive reinforcement, blah, blah, blah, but I do not claim to be an animal trainer or the dog whisperer. The situation could have been much worse: lesson learned. Btw: the cat is 13 years old and the oldest of the dogs is nine, so they’ve cohabited relatively peacefully for some time, but the grand -dog adds a new dynamic, because he’s young and male and he and Konan wreak havoc when they’re together.

I’d like to end this post with a shout out to  my multi-dog brethren. I would love to hear from you. Do you have any crazy stories you’d be willing to share?

top picture: Calypso aka Piggy-opportunist/dumpster diver

middle picture: Konan aka Fathead: mob boss

last picture: + one, Finnegan, aka Black Mamba: second in charge