Raspberry Zinger Cake redux

So, this is the first post on my new blog. I may  eventually upgrade to a format that allows for more versatility and lots of categories. I like to write and some of my interests may be too eccentric or niche for Facebook and Twitter (come on 140 words.)

My blog will primarily be used to communicate with like minded individuals in the animal advocacy, baking, healthy cooking, and fitness communities and an online journal of sorts.

My first post speaks to one of my first few attempts at vegan baking. I’m a self confessed sugar addict, and when I started logging my food in an online diary I was mortified by my sugar intake. Why does Greek yogurt have so much freaking sugar?! Anyways, this spurred my interest in alternatives to traditional baking ingredients. I’ve spent the last three weeks gathering coconut oil, coconut palm sugar, almond flour, and dried fruit (who know dates are an awesome sweetener?) some of these products are not cheap, and difficult to find. My grocery shopping trips are now confined to Sprouts, Trader Joes, and Amazon.  Prior to this I thought I was doing adequately as I had recently stopped eating refined carbs and most processed foods. My husband and I aren’t exactly on same page when it comes to dietary habits, but this Zinger cake was a way to try and win him over, since he loves raspberry zingers and has been talking about Hostess product, since it was announced that their product is back on store shelves.

Here’s the link to the recipe, save a couple alterations, I subbed coconut milk for the soy milk and coconut palm sugar for the regular cane sugar, otherwise no other alterations.


As you can see my cake looks nothing like the recipe picture and I decided against coloring the icing pink, just an unnecessary step IMHO; however, the taste was addicting, not in so much a Zinger way, but a more natural moist version with a hint of cashews and butter; although no butter to be found here.


What I learned is that 1). bakers have been working with butter, flour, and cane sugar for years and, there is less info out there for more obscure ingredients like peanut flour, so as new information gets out into the intarwebs, and there becomes a need because of allergies or other dietary needs the more research on how the ingredients interact with one another and 2).desserts without butter and cane sugar can be quite delicious. I’m inspired by the recipes already out there and professionals like Sweet Freedom Bakery who are doing it quite successfully.

Ultimately, I have room to learn, improve, and grow, and I  am thankful for the wealth of information shared and recycled on the internet.

G’ nite all